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Citizens Charter

Purpose of citizens charter

A citizen charter is a voluntary public commitment made by a service provider to uphold standards of quality, transparency and accountability. Citizen charters are also an important tool that allows citizens to exercise their watchdog function and hold service providers accountable.

The citizen's charter is a document that outlines the service commitment of organizations or service providers towards providing quality, high-standard services, including mechanisms for grievance redressal.


This college of Hospitality provides applied technology education, students are our primary focus. We are all committed to serving our guests in the college's multi-faceted operations.

 By fusing fundamental techniques with current technologies we provide an education that enables students to respect our history and gain market advantage to successfully compete in the future as lifelong learners. Our team members are responsible role models for students. Opportunities to expand and improve our program offering and services will be pursued in conjunction with the evolution of customer and the industry needs


We commit to develop talented men and women, through a dynamic learning environment,

to enable them to lead our industry into the future. We commit to instill in them timeless values of humility, reliablity and integrity & encourage them to grow as individuals and excel as a team. We commit to being a leading educational institute base on our unique culture of hospitality.

Core Values:

  • Imparting quality education to students
  • Displaying and disseminating human values in basic functioning
  • Addressing grievances with responses and not reactions
  • Competing with self by bettering the best
  • Pushing complimentary behaviour amongst student instead of competition

Services Provided

  • Hospitality Education


Student-Centric Administration:

  • Obligatory group projects (Research/Field work) for the final year
  • Bridge course/Orientation programme/ Confidence building training programme /placement training programme/personality development programme etc. are given in the odd and even semesters grouped under Value Added programs and Capacity building programs
  • Periodical conduct of conferences/workshops /seminars at the national/international level - Participation of maximum students.
  • Internships practices/Industrial visit for  the students.
  • For providing equal opportunities for all the students, the college is having separate guides for Research & Development, Officer for Training & Development, faculty for Extension and development.
  • Availability of Book Banks in all the library for economically fragile students.
  • Learning management system developed for students to  re-access the lecture , attempt the quiz ,attempt assignment, get notes, question bank and answer keys The internal assessment is based on LMS
  • Learner centred teaching. Student centred instruction.
  • Student friendly class rooms (Ventilation and Light).
  • Student friendly faculty members.
  • Eco-Friendly green clean environment.
  • Student centred curriculum (Academics from the University and dual degree  Add-on courses by the institution).
  • Learner based instruction strategy (Smart Board and LCD based).
  • Accessible Library (well furnished), Laboratories (well equipped), Play grounds.
  • Student centred remedial evaluation.
  • Round the clock electric power.
  • Round the clock water supply.
  • Accessible Health care centre.
  • Appropriate well designed space for Sports, Physical education and yoga.
  • Management scholarships (full/partial).
  • Merit scholarships (academic/sports).
  • Adopted village for CSR activity
  • Safe transport and security system.
  • Students uniform - our strength and pride.
  • All the UG and PG students are actively participating in annual sports meet every year.
  • The NSS volunteers, NCC cadets and Rotract members of this institution have played vital role in the institution programmes and off-campus programmes (day camps/week camp/fortnightly camps/monthly camps and annual camps towards social - economical - cultural - traditional - ethical - academic values.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism:

Any complaints and grievances are addressed through various committees formed with student representative , faculty and head of the committee within 8 days An application in office or a anonymous complaint in drop box is addressed with same vigour


Stake holders benefits

Students charter

We strongly believe in creating a strong advanced academic & research environment

We are responsible for:

  • Developing excellent infrastructure, faculty base & teaching-learning environment for
  • the comprehensive training of students.
  • Imparting clear information about admission procedures, fee structure, refund policies
  • & student support services for all academic programs.
  • Empowering students with deep & contemporary knowledge & proficiency in skills for
  • them to be confident & competent professionals.
  • Utilization of  learning resource for training of undergraduate, postgraduate students & research scholars.
  • Reliable & valid student assessment mechanism.
  • Instillation of the spirit of inquiry & research culture amongst students.
  • Establishing strong student support system to cater to their curricular & extracurricular
  • needs.
  • Developing a robust feedback system involving all stakeholders to review & redesign
  • of programs if & when necessary.
  • Promotion of innovative, need-based student-centric best practices to meet tomorrow’s
  • challenges.
  • Creation of competent professionals & future  leaders out of novice aspirant

Expectations from Stakeholders

1. Students:

  • To ensure participation in all college matters pertaining to their education
  • actively and timely provision of feedback to the authorities.
  • To contribute positively for the betterment of the college by way of suggestions
  • and achievements and as responsible alumni, when they pass out
  • To follow religiously the rules and regulations of the institution and university
  • during their stay with us
  • To contribute to  the community by way of Charity and social work through NSS and Rotract activity.

2. Guardians:

  • To cooperate with college authorities in ensuring smooth college education for
  • their wards
  • To offer positive and creative suggestions for improvement in functioning and
  • services in the feedback mechanisms provided
  • To ensure timely payment of college dues as and when required

3. University and Management

  • To participate in the growth and development of the institution  by
  • means of timely planning and creation of infrastructure, recruitment of faculty
  • and provisioning of funds and meeting the requirements as laid down by various
  • regulatory councils.
  • To actively participate in the management of the institutions as laid down by
  • accrediting bodies such as NAAC, NBA and AICTE.
  • To lay down policy such as to enable smooth operation of various functions.


College representative for support

Vaccine Policy as per Government norms

Students and staff are expected to be double vaccinee, booster dose too if applicable. 


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